KeraCel Inc. Announces Name Change to Sakuu Corporation


KeraCel Inc., the leader in automated multi-process additive manufacturing, announced today that it has changed the company’s name to Sakuu Corporation.

The name change aligns with the company’s advanced additive manufacturing platform, which has been engineered to build complex fully functional devices at industrial rates, offering manufacturers an agile solution for mass production.

As well as solid-state batteries, the broad applications gamut achievable with the Sakuu 3D printing platform includes active components for several markets including healthcare, IoT, aerospace and defense.

“Although our first application is a solid-state battery, our technology potential extends way beyond energy storage and into a host of applications in an array of industry sectors,” says Robert Bagheri Founder, CEO and Chairman, Sakuu Corporation.

About Sakuu Corporation
Formerly KeraCel Inc, Sakuu is an industrial solutions provider that has developed a major breakthrough in additive manufacturing (AM) technology to address the approximately $800 billion digital manufacturing transformation. The company’s flagship Sakuu AM platform will be the world’s first multi-material, multi-process additive manufacturing platform for high volume production and is engineered to provide a significant market advantage to the company’s customers.

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