Mehdi Maghsoodnia

Venture Partner

About Mehdi

Mehdi Maghsoodnia joined Candou in 2023 as a venture partner while still serving as Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at 1health. Prior to this, he held several notable positions in various companies. He served as the Chief Executive Officer and Board Member at Vitagene, as well as an Executive Director at Livara Health (SpineZone). Additionally, he currently acts as a General Partner at Combustion Ventures and has served as a Board Member at Rafter and FaceTime. 

Mehdi Maghsoodnia has an extensive background in the tech industry and has held executive positions at prestigious companies. He was an EIR at Trinity Ventures, where he made significant contributions. Before that, he worked as the VP of Product and Operations at CafePress, overseeing all revenue and cloud operations of the business.

He also has experience as an EIR at Mohr Davidow Ventures and as the COO at FaceTime Communication. At Intellisync (PumaTech), he held the position of SVP of products and played a crucial role in the company’s acquisition by Nokia in 2003 for $450M. In addition to his corporate roles, Mehdi Maghsoodnia is an active investor and a frequent writer at Inc., where he shares his insights and expertise in his articles, which can be found on his author page.

Mehdi Maghsoodnia completed his undergraduate studies at Berkeley and went on to pursue his graduate studies in computer science at Stanford. His education and industry experience have equipped him with a deep understanding of technology and its applications in the business world. Through his various roles and contributions, he has demonstrated his leadership abilities and his knack for driving growth and success in the companies he has been involved with.