Nader Vasseghi

Venutre Partner

About Nader

Nader is an Executive Coach, entrepreneur, and author based in Silicon Valley. His mission is to transform and elevate the lives of CEO’s and business leaders through the principles of conscious leadership. He was the founder of SelfOptima Inc. a web platform for optimal health, and the founder and CEO of AuroraNetics, a networking company which was acquired by Cisco where he went on to lead a business unit and took it to $700M revenue within 5 years. Nader has over 35 years of experience in executive roles in the fields of microprocessors, graphics processors, networking systems and software, as well as web-based platforms. He served as an adjunct professor at Palo Alto University, business psychology program. Nader hold a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from UCSB, and Masters in Electronics from Southampton University, UK. Nader holds 4 patents in areas of technology and IC design.