Faraj Aalaei

Founding Partner

About Faraj

Faraj Aalaei, an Iranian American immigrant and a 40-year veteran of the communications industry, is currently the Founding Managing Partner at Candou Ventures. As an entrepreneur Faraj has raised funds in excess of $400 million for his semiconductor companies from private and public investors, executed several M&A deals and as CEO taken two previous start-ups, Centillium and Aquantia through IPO. His last IPO, Aquantia, was acquired by Marvell Semiconductors where Faraj stayed on as Executive VP in charge of Marvell’s Networking and Automotive businesses, a billion dollar revenue segment and the largest business at Marvell. Prior to joining Marvell and Aquantia, Faraj was the Co-Founder CEO and the force behind Centillium’s successful track record as a leading innovator of high performance, cost effective semiconductor solutions for broadband access networks. Under his leadership, Centillium went from seed financing to NASDAQ IPO in 3 years, the fastest ever for a semiconductor company. An industry pioneer and holder of three patents, Aalaei has spent the last four decades at the forefront of technology innovations – from helping develop the world’s first broadband cable modem to the introduction of Centillium’s high capacity convergent solutions for DSL, optical and VoIP applications.

Prior to co-founding Centillium in 1997, Aalaei held a variety of management and engineering positions at leading technology providers, where he applied his expertise to the development of DSLAM, Digital Loop Carrier and Fiber-to-the-Curb products at Fujitsu; the first optical SONET system and the first high speed two way broadband technologies for cable companies at Bell Labs. He began his career at MA/COM designing very high speed satellite communications systems. Aalaei holds an honorary degree of Doctor of Engineering from Wentworth Institute of Technology where he also received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, MBA from University of New Hampshire, and MSEE from University of Massachusetts.